Web Services

From website development to cloud migrations, Glueware can help. We build, customize and administer all kinds of web applications using common tools like Django, Flask, WordPress and more. We utilize AWS to reduce costs and increase efficiency by migrating application to the cloud, running serverless computing and automating infrastructure.

Test Automation

Repeatable consistant test execution brings confidence and speed to modern applications. Glueware has years of experience setting up and running test automation to ensure software has the best chance of being defect free. We use tools like Selenium, Robot Framework, xUnit, and more to properly automate testing at all levels. Don't waste time manually running tests, invest in Glueware test automation and free up your resources to do more important tasks.

Computer Automation

Computers excel at repetative and long running tasks. They process quickly and consistently when given the right instructions. Glueware can save hours of manual work by providing the systems with the instructions they need to take over those tasks for you.

Glueware is here to help solve your tech problems. We can help provide the tools your teams need to be successful.

Python Programming

Python is the perfect language for glueware. It handles most situations flawlessly and has extensive libraries to handle interactions. If you need system integration, custom software, web services, or AWS applications we can get it done.

Amazon Web Services

The AWS catalog is vast and powerful. No matter what your business challenges are, Glueware can help.